My Experience Working at Claire’s…

So, about nine months ago I started working at Claire’s and honestly it wasn’t my favorite job that I’ve had (I only lasted a couple of months). First of all, there was not a whole lot of business which meant it was super boring during the day and second, the PIERCINGS. Okay, I was already not a fan of people getting their ears pierced at Claire’s because my cartilage piercing from there healed all weird and now there is a little bit of a bump on it and my ear lobe piercings from Claire’s are definitely not even, but now that I’ve gone through the training process and I had done a bunch of piercings there I am even more against going there. Let’s just get into my experience for now.

When I first got my ears pierced at Claire’s! 🙂

To begin, I’ll talk about what daily tasks I had to do. Since I was a “Third-Key” which is basically a key holder, opener, closer, and all that fun stuff I was there alone most of the time. This honestly sucked because we had to rearrange the store quite often and it took about a week to do every time. And when I say we had to rearrange everything, I mean EVERYTHING. The layout completely changes. And I would have to sit there all day and just try to make things look perfect and exactly like the pictures that we had and if my boss didn’t like it she would change it completely and all of the time that I had spent on it would pretty much go to waste.

Alright alright let’s talk about what pretty much anybody who knows I worked at Claire’s asks me about: the piercings. So the training is pretty much just us watching a few videos on how to convince people to get their ears pierced and then they show them piercing an ear. They really do focus more on how to get people to give them money than on the actual piercing part. Then, learning how to pierce is on a fake ear, but the ear doesn’t feel or look real so it doesn’t actually give you the experience you need. The ear is just a thicker piece of cardboard and they only had me do that a few times until they had me try it on an actual person. Now, they did have me watch other people do it first before I pierced on my own, but that doesn’t really give me the experience that I need either.

Once I did get to pierce on actual people, it was super nerve racking and honestly gave me so much anxiety. The guns they use get stuck and if you don’t want to deal with the gun getting stuck or getting the back of the earring stuck to the gun you basically have to jam it through the ear as hard as you can and it seriously hurt just to watch. Also, the guns are not very sanitary. They sit in a drawer all night and are used over and over again throughout the day and the only thing they get cleaned with is an antibacterial wipe. The earrings are sanitary though since they are in a closed off package that the piercers don’t even touch because it goes directly onto the gun, so there’s a plus. I did also have to wear gloves and clean the ears beforehand too.

Speaking of cleaning the ears, let’s discuss the ear cleaning solution! I have no clue what is in it, but I do know that the weird new solution they have that supposedly makes the piercing heal faster must have a weird chemical in it, and I did not feel comfortable selling that to people. When customers would ask what was in it that made the healing process go faster I pretty much just had to say that the percentage of the active ingredient is higher in this than in the normal one. I had/have no clue what the heck the active ingredient is either. Also, I am not sure it worked because I had someone call or come in at least once per shift that would tell me their piercing was infected and I would just recommend something else that I have used for all my piercings in the past.

One other thing about the earrings, if you are thinking about getting your ears pierced there because it is cheaper than a tattoo shop or because you “only have to pay for the earrings, the actual piercing part is free,” it isn’t cheaper. If you want the cheaper earrings you’re going to get a crappy metal and your ears will get infected and if you want the better metal it will be quite a bit of money and remember they are still using the gun and the actual earrings themselves aren’t as sharp as a needle so it isn’t good for the skin you are piercing.

I know this post has been super negative and I don’t really like negativity so let’s talk about the positives! I did get to dress cute everyday and they didn’t have too many rules for what you could wear which meant I was pretty much in sweaters, leggings or jeans, and a scarf pretty much every day so that was fun! At Claire’s they do this fun thing called DTI where you have to pick a few accessories to wear all day to show them off and I loved coming in and picking fun things to wear with my outfit. Also, my boss was really nice and I liked when I got to work with her. It was overall a fun place to work when there were customers and around the time of Homecoming dances. I loved when people would come in and show me pictures of certain outfits and ask my opinions on what accessories they should get. It was also fun helping little girls pick out cute jewelry and purses and all that fun stuff. The place also played really fun music, and when it was busier the atmosphere was great.

Overall, it was not my favorite place to work and it definitely has its cons, but there are some pros as well. I just thought maybe some people who were thinking about applying to a Claire’s or who were considering getting their ears pierced there might want some input from an ex-employee. So, no I do not recommend getting your ears pierced there, and if you do not like the thought of piercing ears without all of the necessary training, I do not recommend this job for you, but it wasn’t too bad for those few months I was there.

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